Twitter is Taking Lville by Storm

Features  /  by Sara Lee '12  /  September 09, 2011

Twitter has become a new sensation. Via Twitter, one can follow the day-to-day or tweet-to-tweet lives of their favorite celebrities, or simply find out what their friends are up to. While Facebookers use the term “facebook stalking,” Tweeters refer to a similar activity as “following.” By consenting to “follow” someone on Twitter, one is agreeing to have all of that person’s tweets show up in their Twitter timeline, comparable to a Facebook News Feed. This innovation eliminates the need to view someone’s entire Twitter page to read about a new haircut or favorite ice cream flavor. And, of course, for those who feel computer access isn’t quite “real time” enough for their tastes, Twitter applications are available for smartphones so Tweeters are always up-to-date on each other’s whereabouts. This increasingly-popular social network also allows people to interact and converse with their favorite celebrities. For example, one could place “@JustinBieber” in a tweet and direct a question towards the teen sensation himself.

Recently, Lawrenceville has become subject to the wave of this Twitter craze. Many students are now making their way over from Facebook to Twitter. According to notorious Tweeter Briana Ehret ‘12, “I pretend to have funny tweets but it’s just really entertaining to read everyone else’s. Facebook was just getting lame, so Twitter is new and fresh for me!” Students turn to Twitter to get a quick laugh out of each other’s tweets either between classes or during a free period. For students like Ehret, Facebook is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and Twitter, the new “social network.” Twitter has even begun to leave its traces on Facebook. Facebook users are now starting to use the notorious Twitter hashtag (“#”) when posting statuses, writing on walls, or making comments. Although it does not serve a functional purpose on Facebook, hashtagging a statement adds humor or even makes a comment a little less vague.

Although Twitter is most often used for social networking purposes, it can also be utilized to spread information both quickly and efficiently. By utilizing both the “@” and “#” symbols, one person’s tweet can reach over thousands of people. Lawrenceville and its students constantly strive to take advantage of all available resources. This year’s Student Council members have each created a Twitter account for their respective council positions to keep students updated on school-wide news and events.  “We decided that as a council, we wanted to be able to communicate with people on campus easily. Twitter is a rapidly-growing social network, especially among Lawrentians, so we came to the conclusion that Twitter was a good way for the student council to make announcements to the student body. Also, because one can select which profiles to follow, students have the option to only follow those areas of the community that they are interested in,” shares Student Body President Ryan Strain ’12. Hopefully, students will take advantage of the Student Council’s efforts to utilize Twitter to stay active in the community. Check out the Student Council’s new Twitter pages @LvilleDayStuds, LvilleHonor, LvilleArts, LvilleService, LvilleAcademics, LvilleAthletics, LvillieSocial, LvilleEnviro, and LvillePrez. Make sure to follow them!

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