7 Things to Look Forward to in Spring Term

Features  /  by Kelly Kong '15  /  March 28, 2014

Holi: Holi is truly a HOLIday. Get it? Either way, at least you get a chapel credit. Holi is the Hindu festival of colors that Lawrenceville celebrates every year. Seen any profile pictures with the person resembling a tie-dye T-shirt? Yep, that’s what Holi does for you. It’s great to see the religious diversity at Lawrenceville; there is usually Indian food, and the turnout is often bigger than that of the last dance. If that doesn’t get you going, you get to throw powdered paint at people for no reason and you may even get a decent profile picture out of it.

Spring Sports: Spring sports have arrived. While that is often synonymous with awkward tan lines and having to shave your legs again, some good does come out of it. Firstly, tan lines imply that you’re  actually getting some color, a.k.a transforming out of the vampire state we were in during Winter Term.  Secondly, it’s nice tot have something to shave for. Moreover, whether you’re a track star, a budding “lax bro,” tennis prodigy, or crew buff, springtime means getting that rocking body back, even if it isn’t all one skin tone. If you’re more of a spectator, look forward to enjoying the more revealing uniforms that come with spring sports.

Abbot Reopening for Dinner: Alright, we all love our seniors, and seeing them for one fewer meal every day is kind of a bummer. BUT, it does start the weaning process, as their departure is imminent. Their vacance from Irwin does mean shorter lines for ALL of us, and I think everybody is getting a little weary of waiting about half a century in the Wok Joy line. Just keep in mind that the seniors will make reappearances at Irwin on the weekends.

Spring Fashion: Off with the Timbs and Bean Boots, in with some Sperry’s and Rainbows. Now we have an excuse to get pedicures! This also means we can get rid of the earth tones and say hello to the vibrant colors of this spring’s lines. Girls will be rocking sun dresses, boys will be back in their pastel shorts, and the world will come back in order.

Rutger’s Unite Half Marathon/8k: Anybody who’s signed up is in for an exhausting but rewarding day.You’ll be working up a great sweat, contributing to an organization very close to our community’s heart, and the group will probably be back by brunch!

Big Red Race:  Another excuse to get your blood flowing, and help out a great cause. It’s  a great way to decide whether cross country is the sport for you or the sport you’re glad you never did Also, it’s always fun to race against faculty and friends.

Graduation: Simultaneously loved and hated, graduation is an event we all have to live through. Yes, we are saying goodbye to our beloved seniors. As the eternal optimist, I find that graduation also means we are progressing. Whether you’re entering a house, a new single, senior housing, or even college, you made it! We’re all crawling up the hierarchical ladder in some shape or form.  Not feeling that sentimental? It’s always an excuse to show off that rocking body and those tan lines you acquired through spring term. Still not feeling it? Graduation means summer is just around the corner.

Spring Term is generally the time we thaw from an exhausting Winter Term. It’s a time to savor our last months with the senior class and look ahea to our positions at Lawrenceville as the classes of 2015, 2016, and 2017. Most of all, Spring Term is always the best part of the year, so enjoy it: Lawrenceville looks good, you look good, so let’s have a good time.