Celebrating Lawrenceville’s Prefects

A prefect in Boys Lower, Mikkel Nartey ’20 strives to “foster a great community and spirit in the House.” Encouraging and creating the next generation of Lawrenceville men is a large part of his job, and he handles it with pride. “My job is to set a good example for all underclassmen to follow,” he said. Attempting to connect the II Formers in the House was a large part of that goal, ensuring that no boy was left behind or excluded; he organized events like capture the flag and dodgeball to bring the entire House together. Nartey drew upon his background as a School Camp counselor to provide meaningful support to the II Form boys and learned how to navigate guiding an older age group in doing so. Mikkel particularly remembers the first day of school, when he taught the boys what to wear, what to bring to class, and how to act like a Lawrentian. Nartey will forever cherish the time he has spent in Boys Lower and believes that both he and the boys have grown from their time spent together.

Joao Flores ’20, currently a prefect in Griswold House, has focused on creating a positive culture within the House. In particular, Flores has stated his primary goal to be “including the [III Formers] to a greater degree.” He has gone about achieving this goal by organizing regular video games sessions for the III Formers, which, he believes, has created strong bonds between them. He has also ensured that everyone feels at home, relaxed, and included. Flores advises IV Formers applying to be prefects to apply out of an honest place in their heart, not just out of a desire to receive a title.

Emily Matcham ’20 and Ashley Warren ’20 are both day student prefects in Girls Lower. The two have similar reasons for becoming prefects: They want to give back to Lawrenceville and guide those who are, in Ashley’s words, “as new to Lawrenceville as newborn babies are to the world.” Warren said she wanted to be like a “light in the darkness,” as their own prefects were to them. Matcham stated that she is excited to see who the girls would become, noting that they had already matured so much since the beginning of the year. The two aim to increase House spirit and help to develop a new generation of intelligent and engaged Lawrentians. The pair believe that it is their duty, in turn, to increase school morale. Part of that duty comes by setting an example of willingly engaging with the Lawrenceville community, such as participating in Spirit Week and representing the House during all-school events. Through this position, they have gained the unique experience of having to manage many young, unaware, and sometimes afraid II Formers. Both Matcham and Warren consider the role of prefect to be a tiring job but ultimately a wholly worthwhile experience that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Ivanna Tavarez ’20 is a prefect in the McClellan House. Because the House has become a large part of her identity, she has sought to give back and ensure that the House is always a home where everyone always feels safe. One of her goals as prefect is creating safe spaces for hanging out and conversation.Tavarez hopes that all of the McClellan girls, especially the new ones, will go outside of their comfort zones and make friends with people who are different from them. Tavarez describes her fondest memories as simply being in the common room and talking with her Housemates, cracking jokes, and just having fun. She is a constant presence in the House, whether that be to offer advice to underclassmen as her Prefects did for her or to inspire McClellan girls to chant the House chants as loudly as they can. She believes that being a prefect is a truly humbling and rewarding experience that has allowed her to give back to McClellan and create a new generation of ‘McLadies’ who are proud and happy to be in the House.


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