Captains Profile: Matt Manahan '20 and Trevor White '19

Co-Captains Trevor White ’19 and Matt Manahan ’20 have led the Big Red Boys Ice Hockey team to a 14-6-1 season thus far.

Co-Captains Trevor White ’19 and Matt Manahan ’20 have led the Big Red Boys Ice Hockey team to a 14-6-1 season thus far.

White initially began playing ice hockey because many of his family members played, noting that he learned to skate as soon as he could walk. Despite this early start, White said that hockey at Lawrenceville was at a higher level than he had been previously playing.

“A lesson that I quickly learned was that [being] the bottom of the team, I had to work my way up and prove myself,” White said.

Likewise, Manahan started playing hockey at a young age, with some of his earliest memories being going to Lawrenceville to watch his older brother, who was in the Class of 2005.

“The bond between teammates at a school hockey program compared to a club hockey program just goes unrivaled,” Manahan saide.

Regarding the team dynamic, White said, “[In the past], there were issues and tensions in the locker room because [the team] was not winning as much.” However, with the team’s increased success, the locker room atmosphere and team culture have both improved.

In particular, both White and Manahan agreed that defeating the Hill School twice this season was a highlight. About the second game, White said, “It was our senior night, and we had amazing performances from two dedicated [V Formers].”

Another highlight of the season for Manahan was playing against his former school, Princeton Day School, he said that the game “got pretty heated,” and that playing in front of a large crowd was an “awesome experience.”

Earlier in the season, White said that the game against the Trinity Pauling School was the season’s most challenging. Though it was a good opportunity to show how much the team improved this year, White believes that the team did not perform that well, “[The game] was a reality check.”

In contrast, Manahan believes that the game against Choate Rosemary Hall in the Lawrenceville Tournament was the most difficult. “We did not make the finals because of a point differential issue. We won our game, and it was up to another team to beat Choate, and they didn’t, so we got knocked out of the finals [...] It was a disheartening,” Manahan said.

White has made it a point this season to advise his underclassmen teammates to not “take any shortcuts and to make the most of each year.”

In the same spirit, Manahan said, “Everyone and every athlete faces adversity. How you respond to that is how you are going to shape how you play and how your teammates view you.”


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