Who Will Win Super Bowl LIII and Why?

The Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams

The Rams emerged from the gauntlet that was the National Football Conference (NFC) bracket by prevailing over the Dallas Cowboys in Los Angeles while rallying against the number-one seed New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. Here are three key reasons why the Rams will overcome the dynastic Patriots in what should be a close game:

Superior talent throughout roster

Although the Patriots have solid talent throughout each position group, the Rams have the Patriots outmatched in several areas. On defense, its secondary includes veterans like Aqib Talib, a Super Bowl Champion, while its defensive front is loaded with difference-makers such as Ndamukong Suh and Aaron Donald. On offensive, quarterback (QB) Jared Goff has been stellar in his third season and is surrounded with a plethora of weapons such as wide receiver (WR) Robert Woods and lead running back (RB) Todd Gurley, last year’s Offensive Player of the Year. Even on Special Teams, the Rams may have the most reliable unit in the National Football League (NFL) with punter Johnny Hekker and kicker Greg Zuerlein, the latter of whom drilled a 57-yard field goal to win the NFC Championship Game.

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay

In last year’s Super Bowl, Eagles coach Doug Pederson’s aggressive play-calling was the difference down the stretch. Sean McVay is a young offensive genius who has a history of aggressive play-calling as well, demonstrated by the fake punt in the NFC Championship game that completely shifted the momentum of the contest. McVay’s calculated risks throughout and aggressive play-calling will keep Los Angeles in the game even if momentum seems to be going New England’s way.

Aaron Donald and Co.

The Rams’ fearsome front seven will be instrumental to its victory. In Brady’s three Super Bowl losses, the opposing team found a way to pressure him at key moments. For instance, Brandon Graham’s strip strack in the final minutes proved to be a game-deciding play for the Eagles last year. Consistently putting Brady under duress will be difficult given that he is very quick with his throws. However, if the Rams defensive line’s difference-makers such as Michael Brockers, Suh, and Donald can get to Brady in key moments, their probability of winning will rise exponentially.

The New England Patriots

The New England Patriots, the American Football Conference (AFC) representative in the Super Bowl LIII, faced a tough path to Atlanta, defeating the Los Angeles Chargers at home before overcoming the first-seeded Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium in the AFC Championship. This Sunday, the Patriots will look to win its sixth Lombardi trophy in team history and its third in the past five seasons. In multiple key areas, the Patriots have the advantage. Ultimately, these strengths will lead the team to victory.

Brady-Belichick combination

Year in and year out, the Patriots is playing football deep into the playoffs because of the tandem that is Hall of Fame quarterback (QB) Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick. Reaching the Super Bowl seems to come easy to these two, being in the big game nine out of the last 18 years. There has never been a better QB and coach dynasty like Brady and Belichick, giving the two an enormous advantage in experience and chemistry over the newly-paired duo of QB Jared Goff and coach Sean McVay.

Redemption and Revenge

Last year for the Patriots ended in disappointment, as it lost to the underdog Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl LII. Throughout the season, analysts and fans have been saying that the Brady dynasty is coming to an end because of the rising stars in the AFC and Brady’s age. Thus, the team has good reason to push as hard as it can; the Super Bowl is the ultimate chance for the team to prove to the rest of the league that the Patriots is not done yet.

The End Is Near

Recent reports suggest that the Super Bowl maybe Rob Gronkowski's final National Football League (NFL) game. Gronkowski has been one of the key pieces to this dynasty since his being drafted. With the direction of the NFL and especially the AFC, this may be the Patriots’ last chance to win it all during the Brady era. Expect it to take advantage of this opportunity and win the Lombardi Trophy once again.


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