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This year, the Lawrenceville Girls Varsity Field Hockey team is led by Co-captains Lizzie Huesman ’20 and Grace Faircloth ’20.

This year, the Lawrenceville Girls Varsity Field Hockey team is led by Co-captains Lizzie Huesman ’20 and Grace Faircloth ’20. Huesman, who has played on Lawrenceville’s varsity team for all four of her years at Lawrenceville, plays midfielder, and Faircloth, who has been on varsity since her III Form year, is a defender.

Huesman started playing field hockey in sixth grade on her school’s middle school team, but “field hockey was definitely not [her] first priority.” Huesman played travel soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and competitive tennis but stopped enjoying those sports, “so [she] quit [her] travel teams and joined a field hockey team.” On her club team, Jersey Intensity, Huesman, who was one of the less experienced girls on the team, said, “I was the novice of the team, but I had super amazing coaches that taught me so much about the sport and allowed me to learn the game so well.”

Faircloth, who only started playing field hockey at Lawrenceville her II Form year, has an extensive background in lacrosse. Through middle school, Faircloth’s main focus was lacrosse, as she had to keep up with practicing most days of the week and weekend. Although she never played field hockey before Lawrenceville, Faircloth quickly picked up the sport because there is a lot of crossover between the two sports, and her field awareness in lacrosse transferred well to field hockey. These skills helped Faircloth make the varsity team her III form year.

In Huesman and Faircloth’s II Form year at Lawrenceville, the Lawrenceville Girls Varsity Field Hockey team had 12 seniors leading the team. As the team lost those seniors the following year, Huesman had to transition from a bench player in her II Form to a starter in her III Form year, which she did with the guidance of Girls Varsity Field Hockey Coach Lisa Ewanchyna. Huesman said, “Coach Ewanchyna takes a bunch of athletic girls and teaches them the sport… using the traits of hustle and aggression from other sports and applying them to field hockey.” Faircloth resonated this message and said, “When I first came here, there were a ton of upperclassmen who were true field hockey players and had amazing stick skills, but now, we have a ton of great athletes and Ewanchyna takes these great athletes and makes them great field hockey players.”

As a co-captain, Huesman works to “create an atmosphere where everyone knows they can be themselves and that they can come to field hockey and treat it as an escape from their outside stresses.” Huesman and Faircloth fill each other's leadership gaps with Faircloth working to boost team morale and Huesman communicating Coach Ewanchyna’s advice on the field. Faircloth said that one of the things she focuses on as a captain is “reminding [her] teammates to just get out there and have fun because that’s what high school sports are about.”

The team’s goal this year is to win the triple crown, comprising of the Mid-Atlantic Prep League Championships, the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association State Championships, and the Mercer County Tournament, as well as to create a positive team environment. The team has already taken a step towards these goals, winning the Mercer County Tournament in a tight 1-0 victory in the championship game over Stuart Country Day School. One of Faircloth’s goals is “leaving behind a legacy as a team… some of [her] closest friends have come from field hockey, and [she is] proud to wear the jersey because of everyone that wore it before [her] and everyone that will wear it in the future.”


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