New Eatery Opens on Main Street

A new restaurant on Main Street recently opened on November 21st.  The eatery is located next to Purple Cow and combines food, yoga, and flowers into one business.

The café was originally a Victorian farmhouse, bought and renovated by Elizabeth Hunt in 2001.  She transformed it into the original Lawrenceville Inn, but was later diagnosed with an illness and was unable to work.  Until her recovery Hunt rented out the space to several other chefs.  In November she decided to re-open under the name “Buds and Bowls,” deriving from the flowers they sell and the various soup specialties that come in bowls. Although Hunt has returned to managing a café she’s still taking her work slowly and going at her own pace.  She comments,  “I’m not doing dinner because I don’t want to get sick again, I just want to go easy on myself and have fun with it.”

The menu changes from day-to-day but usually includes sandwiches, soups, salads, burgers, quiches, and desserts.  For the most part the food prices match those of Fedora’s, with sandwiches ranging around $7.25.  However, the soups seem to be the specialty at Buds and Bowls, a cup costs $3.95 while a bowl costs $5.95. After tasting the butternut squash soup Susan Sprague Yeske, a writer for the Times of Trenton, confirms, “Hunt knows how to make good soups.”  The homemade food at Buds and Bowls will give Lawrentians a break from pizza and bagels.  Hunt adds, “I have kids [who have] all just graduated from college, this is how I would feed them when they come home.”  She puts an emphasis on health such as gluten-free, grass-fed meat, and organic products.  She takes home-cooked to a whole new level by encouraging kids to bring in recipes from their moms, which she would then try to recreate for them.

Buds and Bowls’ appeal to Lawrenceville students ranges from the wireless Internet to the game room on the second floor.  She notes, “Students can just come and hangout, play chess, play games, and watch TV; sort of like a home away from home.”   The café strives for a cozy, homey feel with its comfortable furniture and glass-top tables.  In addition to the game room and eating area, the second floor is where yoga classes are held. Buds and Bowls also hopes to attract students by doing something special on Wednesdays, taking advantage of the half-day schedule.

Buds and Bowls is open from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM on Tuesdays to Saturdays.