Helen Liu '22

Hi, I am Helen.

Fixing the Post-Covid Grading System

With the end of the Fall Term rapidly approaching, the flaws in the current grading system have increasingly come under the spotlight. Although the difficulties required to facilitate a successful term are immense, and we can see that the School has put in tremendous effort into providing us with a smooth academic experience, the evaluation standards have seen little change despite the introduction of several novel variables into the grading equation. In the face of distress and obstacles raised by Covid-19 and conflicts around racial discrimination, the evaluation standards of past school years are simply outmoded, inapplicable to the hybrid discussions and tests commonplace in Lawrenceville’s academic curriculum.=

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Passion for the Team

Running my hand into the touchpad, I spin my head towards the scoreboard, gasping for air. I almost had to laugh; the time next to my name couldn’t be right. I had gained not two, not five, but 10 seconds. My teammates were all celebrating—after all, we were winning by 100 points—but I couldn’t shake off the feeling of loss. In each event, I had performed poorly compared to my personal bests. On the four-hour bus ride back, I had to ask myself, “Was it worth it?” Was the long drive, cold water, and awful races worth joining the Lawrenceville swimming team?

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IV Formers Cast Final VP Votes

IV Formers Alper Canberk, Rana Myneni, and John Weaver were voted as finalists for Vice President of Academics from six candidates; Sunjay Riener, Katie Li, and Andrew Lau were voted as finalists for Vice President of Honor from nine candidates; and Annabelle Rustum and Caroline Foster were voted as finalists for Vice President of Social Life by the IV Form class this past Thursday.

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Playful Plays with Periwig

This past Saturday at 8:30 PM, the Periwig Council hosted "Periwig Springfest," a play reading of three comedy shorts, over a virtual live Zoom webinar. Coordinated by Performing Arts Master Matthew Campbell and written by Lawrenceville School Student Activities Assistant Coordinator Ian August, this session is the first of a five part student-led series that the Periwig Council has prepared for this spring.

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