Hey <i>Lawrence</i>, Welcome to My Crib

Halle Rose’s ’20 room in Stanley House stands out from the rest. Rose has always designed her room using a color scheme. Her II Form and III Form year she centered her room around the color blue, and this year, Rose decided to base her room design around pink. Rose chose this color because it was a “lively color” and would provide a conducive environment for work.

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A Closer Look at the 2018-2019 Student Council

When Student Council first succeeded at reforming the Visitations Policy at the beginning of the year, I felt that it was actually fulfilling its intended purpose: to serve as “the liaison between the students and the administration.” From its extensive use of all-school emails to its hosting a town hall meeting, the Council worked tirelessly to help students throughout the resolution process. More importantly, I felt confident that this year’s Student Council, unlike many of its predecessors, clearly had the ability to deliver on its promises.

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