Look of the Week: Owen Oulundsen '19

V Former and Kennedy House Prefect Owen Oulundsen ’19 is known around campus for his eclectic sense of style.

V Former and Kennedy House Prefect Owen Oulundsen ’19 is known around campus for his eclectic sense of style. Often seen mixing bright colors and unconventional prints, Oulundsen’s outfits often set him apart from the crowd. Although Oulundsen didn’t have a distinct style when he first came to Lawrenceville, he has since cultivated a style that is distinctively his. Oulundsen’s methodology for pairing outfits remains largely the same, and he likes to be creative with his combinations. When asked about where his wardrobe comes from, Oulundsen acknowledges his younger preppy roots, which explain his collection of Vineyard Vines and Brooks Brothers clothing. However, he has now been phasing out of this preppy style, as he goes to “shop at thrift stores frequently” to buy most of his Hawaiian shirts or polos. Oulundsen also calls Harrison Berke ’19, his roommate during his III Form year, a style inspiration who helped him realize that he “could be passionate about what [he] wears.”

Most days, Oulundsen likes pairing bright solid block colored pants with a more eye-catching top, which might sometimes mean teal trousers and a navy blue floral shirt. Oulundsen’s outfits also speak to his attention to smaller aspects such as accessories, as he can often be spotted with his golden eagle brooch. Although Oulundsen doesn’t always pay homage to a specific person or era, he does gravitate towards a vintage style and likes to wear “items from past decades.” His tweed jacket from the ’70s is a classic example of how he likes to play with the overall textural element of his outfits.

When asked about what signature outfit students should have in their closets, Oulundsen believes that “a nice formal wear that doesn’t necessarily adhere to a black tie” is a great investment. He advises to pay attention to detail, with suggestions such as "matching your shoes with your belt so long as it isn’t ridiculous.” Overall, Oulundsen believes that people should strive to be more “colorful [...] and not be afraid to put things together.”


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