Learn about the artistic endeavors of the students on campus.

A New Take on Cubism

Hanging amongst many other thought-provoking pieces in the Contemporary Arts Gallery of the Philadelphia Arts Museum, Tea Time stands out from the sea of color-blotched canvases that we call modern art.

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From Titus to Aaron: Meet the Cast

Kajal Dongre ’22 plays Titus Andronicus in this year's II Form Shakespeare production, Titus Andronicus. According to Dongre, her character a war hero returning to Rome who gets “caught in a cycle of revenge” that culminates in a series of “sometimes scary, shocking events.”

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<i>Picturing Place</i>: Expressionism at its Finest

The idea of “place” has influenced Japanese art for centuries, as seen in Princeton University’s Japanese art exhibition titled Picturing Place. Over 40 paintings, prints, books, and photographs were organized into three rooms: imagined, famous, and sacred place. Multiple time periods, styles, types, and mediums were represented, featuring colorful, small, printed collections which intricate six panelled watercolors.

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Grammy Awards Predictions 2019

This Sunday, February 10, the biggest night in music will take place: The 61st Annual Grammy Awards. Though Grammy Awards have notoriously gone to unexpected nominees, there will be numerous chart-topping and record hits recognized throughout the night.

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