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The Great Empty Box

As many seniors returned from break this year, with college applications completed, they found themselves looking forward to the future, wondering what new paths they would take into adulthood.

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Taking Charge on Campus Culture

Rosalind Wiseman and Charlie Kuhn, co-founders of the adolescent social wellness organization Cultures of Dignity, addressed the School last Tuesday as part of their ongoing efforts to further strengthen community values and culture, primarily in response to the administration’s concerns regarding the student body’s lack of unity or productive political discussion.

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The Film Farce of Lawrenceville

One to two minutes in length, the videos are brimming with smiling students, synchronized music, and that perfectly saturated lighting. The buildings, pond, and Harkness tables look beautiful, but something seems a little off—the scripted lines a little too forced, the cheering “crowds” a little too sparse.

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