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Religious Life Profiles: Reverend Morrow H ’12

Throughout her 17 years at Lawrenceville, School Chaplain Sue Anne Steffey Morrow H’12 , commonly known as “Rev,” has changed the way students interact with religious life on campus by facilitating various religious life opportunities, from Jummah Prayer every Friday afternoon to Sikh Trivia; many religions within the student body are represented because she works with religious life leaders in order to achieve this ideal.

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Floyd ’20 on Diversifying School Speakers at Lawrenceville

From Cellist Okorie “OKCello” Johnson to National Geographic Young Explorer Alizé Carrère, the Lawrenceville community hears from speakers with diverse backgrounds and experiences, both during and outside of school meeting. But as audience members listen to and watch these presentations, not many understand the process that students and faculty go through when deciding which speakers to invite.

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