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Addressing Asian Hate Crimes Through Art

Ever since the spread of Covid-19, Asians have not only received blame for the pandemic, but attacks against the Asian community worldwide have also skyrocketed. Anti-Asian hate crimes have increased by 150 percent worldwide, with nearly 3,800 reported incidents of such hate crimes in the U.S. alone since March 19, 2020. Just a few weeks ago, a devastating mass shooting occurred at a spa in Atlanta, leaving eight dead, six of whom were Asian. Other anti-Asian hate crime examples include a Bay Area teen who was shot through the eye, numerous attacks against elders on the streets, persecutions of public transport-drivers, vandalization of Asian-owned businesses, and verbal harassment of Asian people. But such discrimination also elicited responses from many activists and individuals around the world. In particular, many artists have been using their platforms to speak out against the recent hate crimes towards the Asian community.

Surveying the Student Body: A Look Into The House System

"What makes Lawrenceville unique in comparison to other boarding schools?” is a question many prospective students ask when they visit campus, a question to which their tour guides most likely will respond, “Well, of course, Lawrenceville’s House system,” before they explain how each Circle and Crescent House is like a family with its own set of traditions and values.

Going Virtual: Visual Arts Council’s Annual Art Auction

Over the last few weeks, Muse, Lawrenceville's Visual Arts Council, has been organizing and executing its annual Winter Art Auction. The auction is an interactive method of showcasing student artwork while raising funds for visual arts-related charities. This year's auction revenue will be donated to Sing for Hope, an organization founded by Lawrenceville Alumni Monica Yunus '95 that combines visual art and music with service.