Stan Surprise Supports Australian Red Cross

This past Tuesday, the Stanley House hosted their fourth Stan Surprise of the school year.

This past Tuesday, the Stanley House hosted their fourth Stan Surprise of the school year. This time, they sold PJs Pancakes with toppings, which were all donated by PJs, and the raffle was for two Post Malone tickets. All proceeds went to the Australian Red Cross to support survivors of the Australian bushfires crisis.

Stan Surprise a new initiative the Stanley House has brought to campus this year. It is a pop-up cafe that happens once a month with a different food each month to support various charities. In the past, the proceeds from Stan Surprise have gone to Hugs for Brady, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and most recently, Australia Wildfire Relief. There is often a raffle along with each Stan Surprise as well. Nicole Uliasz, a new Housemaster in Stanley this year, said that “When I became Housemaster this year, I wanted to come up with an idea to get everyone involved and give the Stanley House a tradition for many years to come. Also, I wanted it to be something the girls would get excited about and have a way to give back to the community at the same time.” Danica Bajaj ’21, president of Stanley, said that she and Uliasz created the idea of Stan Surprise together. “As House president, I knew that since Stanley doesn't have like a weekly community service thing, like McClellan Milkshakes or Stephens Slushies, part of my platform was that we need to add something,” Bajaj said.

She also said that the initiative behind Stan Surprise was not only to bring the House together, but to “bring the community together not just to have fun but for a really great cause.” When choosing which charity to donate the proceeds to, Bajaj said that they try to gather input from the girls in Stanley because she wants the entire House to be involved with House council and as a whole.

During Stan surprise, numerous girls from the house volunteered to help sell food and the raffle tickets. Carina Beritela ’22 helped sell the raffle tickets, which were for two Post Malone concert tickets.

“[Stan surprise] really brings the whole house together. A lot of people that I normally wouldn't hang out with get really excited with me and we all wear the shirt and it's like a huge thing. People who are now seniors can come back and we all have a good time,” Beritela said.

Stanley Community Service Representative Sydney McCormack ’21 mentioned that the House is most attached to Womanspace, a non-profit organization that provides services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. McCormack said that one of the goals with Stan Surprise is “to have a House event that is similar to what other Houses have, but different in our own way where we could experiment and not be stuck [to] one charity… We wanted to look outside [of] the Lawrenceville community and the bubble even more, which we can do with Stan Surprise.”

“I think what’s exciting about Stan Surprise is that it never gets old. Each month is going to be something new,” McCormack said.


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