Winter Gathering Guide for Parents

This weekend, Lawrenceville will host its annual Winter Gathering.

This weekend, Lawrenceville will host its annual Winter Gathering. It is an opportunity for parents to attend Saturday classes with their child and participate in workshops, which are centered around Lawrenceville’s student life. Over the course of the weekend, college counseling workshops will be held primarily for IV Form parents. A special schedule will be held this Saturday, and students are allowed to leave with their parents following their commitments for their day. To begin Winter Gathering, parents are invited to Music Ensemble Master Classes this Friday at 7:00 PM in which the Philharmonic Orchestra, Collegium Orchestra, and Jazz Band will perform.

The following day, after attending an early morning information and hospitality session in the Admissions Rotunda of the Mackenzie Administration Building, parents will attend class periods A, B, C, and F with their child. In the afternoon, parents are given the chance to attend several master classes taught by teachers.

IV Form parents will attend the college counseling opening session in the Kirby Arts Center in which the College Counseling Office (CCO) will offer an overview of the upcoming college search process in addition to providing important details and resources.

At noon, lunch will be held in the Houses, allowing for parents to catch up with Housemasters. IV Form parents will convene again in the afternoon in the Kirby Arts Center and in the Abbott Dining Hall where counselors will analyze current national trends to explain the college recruiting process, before holding individual counseling sessions with parents of counselees. Parents will unwind the day in the Gruss Center for Arts and Design (GCAD) with Head Master Stephen S. Murray H'54 ’55 ’65 ’16 P’16 ’21.


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