Catching up with StuCo: Goals for the VILLEage

Over the summer and during preseason, Student Council collaborated to fulfill platform goals for the 2019-2020 school year.

Over the summer and during preseason, Student Council collaborated to fulfill platform goals for the 2019-2020 school year.

With the new School motto of “Villeage,” the Student Council hopes to “emphasize the notion of family and unity within the Lawrenceville community,” according to School President Tay Gachegua ’20.

Gachegua has been working to create an “Adulting Day,” which will teach students important life skills. He is also collaborating with Dean of Academics David Laws P’21’23 to revise the regrade policy, aiming to “ensure that it upholds Lawrenceville’s high academic standards,” according to Gachegua. He is also working on revitalizing school meetings with student performances and creating new social events such as the “Bowl Bash,” an all-school party in the Bowl at the end of Spring term.

Vice President of Academics Andrew Tokarski ’20 is excited to create “big changes” and is “open to any recommendations or new ideas from [his] fellow students.” Through his efforts, new printers will be placed in Memorial Hall and the Noyes History Building. He will also bring food surveys to the Irwin Dining Center and has been working with Laws to create an official Major Assignments Week during Turkey Term.

Vice President of Honor Makayla Boxley ’20 aims for more transparency and accessibility. She is working to create a system on Haiku and the Student Council website through which students can schedule an appointment with counselors at the Al Rashid Health and Wellness Center to increase accessibility. She plans to visit all the Houses to inform students on policies.

Vice President of Social Life Maggie Ross ’20 aims to diversify social events and create more form-wide events “so that everyone can always find something to do.” For instance, she will organize a Fall Festival with “booths and competitions such as pumpkin carving.”

As the Community Service Representative, Lauren Recto ’20 looks forward to the creation of a Community Service Council of House representatives during the next few weeks, which will be responsible for organizing projects and keeping their respective Houses involved and informed about service opportunities. By increasing excitement and attention around community service, Recto wants to ensure that “this village is helping other villages in the best way possible.”

Arts Representative Samika Hariharan ’20 has been working to increase the presence of the arts on campus. She hopes to introduce masterclasses of visual arts, dance, and theater to “engage more of the student body by giving students the opportunity to try new things.” In addition, she plans to bring back the Arts Council, which she plans to finalize by mid-October. Finally, Hariharan is scheduling art shows later in the year.

Diversity Representative Jax Floyd’s plans to work with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force to increase student input on DEI goals. One of his long-term goals extends beyond diversity: He hopes to have a student representative on the Board of Trustees to create “an avenue to voice [student] concerns in general” and “ensure that changes made at the highest level [...] be made directly for the benefit of the student body.”

As the Sustainability Representative, Sid Sharma ’20 looks to further educate the community through a Haiku page with sustainable resources and more relatable speakers during school meeting. He specifically hopes to improve waste management.

Athletic Representative Savon Rawlins ’20 aims to increase student liveliness at Lawrencville’s athletic events. Rawlins hopes to start his proposed ESPN top five plays, a School sports video reel, “as soon as possible.” This short film series will consist of “the best [...] or most important plays [according to] the coaches” condensed to five minutest to be displayed during school meeting. Rawlins also wants to further promote Big Red Athletics by encouraging student performances during each sporting event.

On accomplishing Student Council’s goals this year, Gachegua said, “We all come from different backgrounds [...], so we can all bring something new to the table [...] We will have to rely on each other to make this year successful.”


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