Winterfest Showcases A Night Performances

The School’s annual Winterfest features 12 student-directed plays with a variety of genres, ranging from comedies to tragedies.

The School’s annual Winterfest features 12 student-directed plays with a variety of genres, ranging from comedies to tragedies. Following Winterfest A Night performances this past Friday and Saturday, B Night performances for Winterfest will take place this Friday, January 31 and Saturday February 1, at 7:00 PM. in the Kirby Arts Center. This year’s Winterfest features the hard work of 17 student directors and over 70 actors and technicians.

Last week’s performances featured six plays, including the comedic The Processional, co-directed by Casey Rogerson ’20 and Michael Woodley ’20, and the drama Train to Brooklyn, co-directed by Jordan Brown ’21 and Ellis Addleman ’21.

Amelia Roselli ’21 played the role of a bride in The Processional. On her experience performing, Roselli said, “It was a little scary during the performance. Usually when actors perform [performances] take place in a proscenium theater where you can’t see the audience’s faces, but in the black box there are people right in front of you and you can see them clearly… However, it was eventually really reassuring to see the audience’s reactions.”

After acting in her Freshman Shakespeare production of Titus Andronichus, Tesia Thomas ’22 decided to audition for this year’s Winterfest to pursue her interest in theater. She played the role of a middle-aged woman going through a divorce in Train to Brooklyn. Thomas loved having more creative freedom over developing her own character, whether in terms of body language, costumes, or actions. On how she captured her character, Thomas reflected, “I made a lot of different choices to portray my character, such as making sure her mannerisms were more mature and showing how she became more fidgety when agitated.”

This week’s performances will feature an additional six plays, including Now We’re Really Getting Somewhere, directed by Eleni Lefakis ’21, and Murder at Merriweather Mansion, co-directed by Danica Bajaj ’21 and Harrison Abromavage ’21.

As a new director, Lefakis decided to choose a short play with a small cast to make finding time to rehearse easier. However, Lefakis reflected, “Scheduling was the most difficult part because everyone had such different schedules. There were always conflicts going on, so during rehearsals we really had to focus and work hard together.”

While she has done a lot of acting, Bajaj is directing for the first time during B Night. According to Bajaj, “Working with my cast and co-director has been amazing, and I really love the energy of our group. I think because we’ve seen the show so many times, we tend to forget that it’s funny, so I’m really excited to see the audience’s reactions to our show. Reflecting on last week’s performances, Head of Winterfest Emily Matcham ’20 said, “The actors and directors were really on top of everything, and the show ran smoothly. We had full houses both nights which was really exciting.” She looks forward to seeing everything come together for the upcoming performances. According to Matcham, “The audiences for A Night were really receptive, and I’m excited to see the same kinds of crowds for B Night.”


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