College Representatives Engage in Harkness With Students

The College Counseling Office (CCO) launched its College Visits series with 27 institutions visiting campus this week.

The College Counseling Office (CCO) launched its College Visits series with 27 institutions visiting campus this week. Throughout the Fall Term, over 125 colleges will be invited to campus to provide information on opportunities specific to their own school. College representatives will hold 20-minute Harkness discussion sessions with groups of students in Woods Memorial Hall’s classrooms. Colleges that attended this past week include Merrimack College, Ohio Wesleyan University, and Bard College.

Leading up to the visits, V Formers received a list of colleges that would be hosting Harkness discussions throughout the week. For the evening visits of the college visit series, which run from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM, students rotate throughout the different classrooms to participate in up to three Harkness sessions.

On the purpose of the college visits to the School, Associate Director of College Counseling Alexandra Carrozza said, “They are organized to provide students the opportunity to learn about the colleges that they cannot visit easily.” On top of accessing information about the colleges not easily found online, the students may demonstrate their interest to the colleges, a factor some colleges consider in their admissions process.

The CCO recommends V Formers to attend all three sessions of each evening’s College Visits even if none of the visiting colleges are necessarily on their radar. On this recommendation, Carrozza said, “We tell them to explore. If you’re already in the building, why not go to three colleges instead of one?”

The Lawrenceville community’s interaction with college admission officers extends beyond these informational Harkness discussion sessions. The CCO interacts with college admission officers on these days to talk about the details of the college admissions process. On her meeting with college admission officers, Carroza reflected, “Especially because there are so many officers who are affiliated with different colleges [in the room], there are diverse perspectives on admissions that are useful to Lawrenceville’s CCO.”

Reflecting on his experience at the college visits, Darin Khan ’20 said, “From the discussions and information from these visits, we could change the colleges and majors we consider, [which] changes the course of our lives.”

As Fall Term progresses, the CCO will host more colleges on campus which allows V Formers to interact with various institutions to further broaden their perspectives.


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