Catching up with Junior Varsity Athletics

Lawrenceville’s Junior Varsity (JV) teams have one more month of competition this winter season.

Lawrenceville’s Junior Varsity (JV) teams have one more month of competition this winter season.

Boys JV Basketball

Head Coach Julio Alcantara Martin described his group as being a “team of fierce competitors.” The team has won almost every game thus far, going 4-1. Captained by Aidan Kane ’20, its single loss of the season has been against “perennial powerhouse” St. Benedict’s Preparatory Academy, losing a heartbreaker by only two points. In its game against Peddie School, the team came back from being down at halftime to end up winning by 11. The team has six more games this season with a notable rematch against St. Benedict’s and a matchup with The Hill School to finish the season.

Players to watch: Aidan Kane ’20

Girls JV Basketball

The Girls JV Basketball team has started the season 4-2, led by co-captains Soleil Saint-Cyr ’21 and Carina Beritela ’22. Head Coach Nicole Lantz said that “[this team has] more height than any other JV team [she has] ever coached,” giving it “an advantage down low on offense.” The captains are excited to see how each player improves this season—Saint-Cyr said that the team “mesh[es] well together, as is evident through everyone’s unselfish play.”

Players to watch: Mercy Fey ’22, Astrid Gruber ’22, Carina Beritela ’22

Girls JV Squash

“This year, we have a lot of II Formers, and they each add a lot to the team,” Co-Captains Izzy Sweeney ’20 and Lauren McKinnon ’21 said. “Everyone [...] really enjoys getting to help new players adjust to the sport,” said McKinnon. The team’s single loss this season has been against Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, ending in a final score of 4-5. The team’s current record is 2-1, and with four more matches to go, the captains hold high hopes for the rest of the season.

Players to watch: Pashmina Khan ’21, Sabrina Yeung ’22

Boys JV Squash

The Boys JV Squash team, captained by Tripp Brown ’20 and Deven Kinney ’20, has won three of its four matches this season, sweeping Germantown Friends School and Springside Chestnut Hill Academy 7-0 and 8-0, respectively. The team consists of a few new II Formers and several returning III and IV Formers. With this mix of experience and new players, “the team is really strong this year,” said Kinney. “Lots of good energy every day” allows the team to create “an environment where [players] all support one another.”

Players to watch: Johnny Nguyen ’20, Tripp Brown ’20

Boys JV Hockey

The Boys JV Ice Hockey team has struggled so far this season, losing both of its first two matches. The team had a close game last Friday when it lost to Princeton Day School 3-6. As the season continues, Head Coach Darcy Brewer P’14 ’16 optimistically said, “[The players] have a [lot of] heart in knowing what [the team] can accomplish for the playoffs through constant effort.” Led by Co-Captains Gunti Weissenberger ’19 and Tommy Rule ’20, the team has a promising playoff season ahead of it.

Players to watch: Gunti Weissenberger ’19, Ethan Markel ’21, Ethan Schlegel ’20

Girls JV Hockey

The Girls JV hockey team has had a slow start to the season with two losses in its first two games, but came out strong against The Hill School, beating it 4-2. Co-Captain Skye Urbach ’19 said, “We love to have fun with each other, so I think we try to use that energy that comes from our friendships and genuine love for the game when we play.” When asked about notable players, Urbach said, “A player to watch would definitely be Ashley Pontillo ’21; she's a beast and is a huge asset to our team.” The team’s current record is 1-2, but the players hope to close out the season strong with ample game opportunities in the next few weeks.

Players to watch: Ashley Pontillo ’21, Didi Ross ’21, Sydney Chun ’21


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