Soleil Saint-Cyr ’21 Elected 2020-2021 Student Body President

Congratulations to Soleil Saint-Cyr ’21 on being elected as Student Body President for the 2020 to 2021 school year.

Congratulations to Soleil Saint-Cyr ’21 on being elected as Student Body President for the 2020 to 2021 school year. This past Wednesday during School Meeting, Saint-Cyr and fellow Presidential Finalist Kylan Tatum ’21 participated in a debate over a virtual live Zoom Webinar moderated by The Lawrence and L10, after which the student body voted. Saint-Cyr’s campaign platform contains three core points designed to address the needs of the student body and to facilitate communication between Student Council (StuCo) and the student body. Her campaign can be summarized under the slogan, “Breathe, Rally, and Build.”

In regards to the “Breathe” aspect of her campaign, Saint-Cyr hopes to implement “the breather, which is similar to the 24-Hour Pass, but more so a mental health day.” She explained that for each student, he or she would have the opportunity to “cash in...the breather and [be] excused from classes or sports for the day.” Not only does she want to promote good mental health with this initiative, Saint-Cyr also wants to “encourage [students] to look more into time management skills...and emphasize [time management] as a part of our Lawrenceville education.”

Additionally, through the “Rally” point on her platform, Saint-Cyr intends to “increase collaboration between StuCo, clubs, Houses, [and] affinity groups.” After seeing how Saturday night social activities seem to “segregate [students] by interest,” she hopes to “create events that [all students] are feeling invested in” through an increase in teamwork between StuCo and the many groups on campus. Furthermore, she wants to reinvigorate the Big Red Dog Pound. She hopes that by reviving Lawrenceville's spirit squad, “people who want to be involved and show their school spirit...will do that and encourage the rest of the student body” to dress up, so if one student dresses up for spirit day, he or she is not the only student dressing up. Among those goals, the last point in Saint-Cyr’s platform, “Build,” encompasses ensuring that “[StuCo] is transparent [with the student body]” as well as “building relationships with students.” She has proposed a “check-in” that will occur once per term in the Heely Room. During these check-ins, she explained that StuCo would “present what they’ve been working on and the things they have achieved over that term to the students” with an open discussion at the conclusion of the check-in allowing students to “offer suggestions, ideas, criticism...and feedback.” Not only does she want to increase transparency and connection between StuCo and the student body, she also wants the check-ins to be “a measure of it makes sure that StuCo is working, active and accountable.”

In regards to the impact of virtual spring on the goals of her campaign platform, Saint-Cyr said that while it did not modify any of her goals, virtual spring has made it more clear to her how much students love Lawrenceville. She explained that during this “unprecedented time, the strength of Lawrenceville” is evident and she hopes that “Lawrenceville can carry that [strength] over into next year.” By being someone that is “enthusiastic, empathetic and engaged with students...and making sure that people know that she is here [to] support [them],” she hopes to unify the student body after a virtual spring apart.

All of the promises Saint-Cyr makes to the student body in her platform stem from conversations that she has had with Assistant Dean of Students Emilie Kosoff H’88 ’96 ’00 P ’19 as well as current members of StuCo. She assures that “nothing that is in [her] platform is something that [she] thinks is going to be a battle in order to get through it,” and even if it is a battle, she is “willing to fight it.”

Ultimately, Saint-Cyr wants to create “a shift in culture...and help everyone.” She explained that she cannot “leave Lawrenceville better than we found it” by herself. Saint-Cyr says that if a student approaches her with an idea, she will not take it and run with it herself, but rather make sure that the student is involved in the implementation of his or her idea. Thus, she believes that with her “ability to unite people and [by being] an effective, empathetic, [and] realistic leader,” she and the student body will be able to achieve her goals.

On receiving the news of her election, Saint-Cyr said, “I was beyond ecstatic when I found out about the results…I’m just really excited for the rest of student council elections to be underway so I can find out who I’m going to be working with and get started with them on plans for next year. I’m hoping next year is going to be all about transparency and support, especially with the circumstances we are in right now.” Voting for Vice President Finalists will begin in the coming weeks, with elections for Vice President taking place on Wednesday, May 6.


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