IV Form Vice Presidents Elected

Lawrentians elected their Vice Presidents (VPs) this past Wednesday on an online ballot, appointing John Weaver '21 as Vice President of Academics, Caroline Foster '21 as Vice President of Social Life, and Sunjay Riener '21 as Vice President of Honor and Discipline.

Lawrentians elected their vice presidents this past Wednesday on an online ballot, appointing John Weaver '21 as Vice President of Academics, Caroline Foster '21 as Vice President of Social Life, and Sunjay Riener '21 as Vice President of Honor and Discipline. The newly elected vice presidents will join Student Body President Soleil Saint-Cyrs '21 on the 2020-2021 Student Council (StuCo).

Weaver's platform focuses primarily around "helping students reacclimate after being away from campus so long." One of the highlights in Weaver's platform is his "Clean Slate Initiative," which allows for the the first major assignment in the Fall Term to be pass fail. He believes that it will "lower the stakes when we get back…[by] helping the student body better adjust to campus life rather than going into it full force without having resources to help them."

Another aspect of his plan of action is to introduce various games during school meeting, such as LQ Trivia, a spelling bee, and a twist on "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?"-"Are You Smarter than a Fifth Former?" Weaver believes that the academic achievements of many students are not visible to the student body, and he hopes to promote student visibility so that Lawrentians can see what their peers are accomplishing.

Overall, Weaver said, "I feel like we need to think positive after this pandemic, which split our community [and] the entire world apart…Looking at my platform, it [will help] us get back in the swing of things at Lawrenceville."

Foster, the current Social Representative of Carter House, focused her platform on "implementing some new things, while at the same time advancing things we already have in place at Lawrenceville." She looks forward to collaborating with all groups on campus to drive participation and enthusiasm in existing and new social activities.

Centered on increasing participation and school spirit, Foster's platform includes the idea of Senior Leaders and "Lite" Homework Weekends. With the goal of upping student attendance, the Senior Leaders would lead the school in support at games and events. The "Lite" Homework Weekends would "ensure that students will not have to choose between studying and supporting their peers [at] social events."

Foster is eager to work with the other members of StuCo, citing that as a reason why she chose to run, "I wanted to run for VP of Social Life to not only to help our school increase school spirit and participation, but to also work with this really special group of students to accomplish so much more." In a broader sense, she said, "It's not just a one-person job; it's something where I am able to collaborate with others and make sure that it's not just my voice but the entire school's voice which is being heard."

Riener's platform for VP of Honor and Discipline is "all about providing the students with as much support as possible." Riener's plans are "realistic and achievable" and include reinstalling Honor Representatives in all of the Houses, promoting transparency, and identifying and improving problems within the current Honor process.

A main highlight in his hopes of improving the Honor system includes compromising and working with the administration to allow students going through the disciplinary process an optional pass from a mandatory event, like sports or meetings. Riener has already begun to discuss this idea with faculty members.

"I think the whole idea behind that is trying to help a student who is facing trouble during one of the most stressful times of [his or her] lives. The thing that probably stresses [him or her] out the most is Lawrenceville because Lawrenceville doesn't stop; it doesn't wait for anyone. Giving someone a tiny break who could use it and use it well would really help…Making it optional would also help because some people take sports as a time to destress," said Riener.

To promote transparency, he also aims to clarify the School Rules and to "continue the work that Makayla [Boxley '19] has done to help make all the rules as transparent as possible so that nobody gets caught for accidentally violating a [School] Rule."

Overall, Riener says that he is ready to help students understand the Honor system and those going through the Honor process. He emphasized that he is "willing to listen to people who have already gone through this process to help improve our current system," adding that because he has experience with the Honor system and knows how the whole discipline process can impact students, he believes he ready to "support [students] in as many ways as possible."


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