Bagaria '20 Awarded Frezza Scholarship

Anika Bagaria '20 has been selected as the 17th recipient of the Robert Mammano Frezza Memorial Scholarship.

Anika Bagaria '20 has been selected as the 17th recipient of the Robert Mammano Frezza Memorial Scholarship. The award is granted each year to a V Former who has shown personal ambition and a strong moral force of character. It covers $6,000 of the student's college tuition fee annually, an aggregate of $24,000 over the course of their four years at college.

After being nominated for the scholarship by a faculty member and then selected as a finalist by the Nominating Committee, Bagaria completed a questionnaire consisting of ten essay questions. After the questionnaires were read by the Selection Committee, Bagaria was chosen as the recipient of the scholarship.

Reflecting on her receiving the scholarship, Bagaria said, "Being named the recipient of this year's Frezza Memorial Scholarship truly means a lot to me. Bob Frezza was an absolutely incredible individual who was deeply loved by the Lawrenceville community and left a great legacy here. It's an honor to be recognized for a scholarship in memory of him. I'm very grateful."

In terms of how she plans to use the scholarship money, Bagaria said,"The scholarship will contribute to my college tuition, which will free up other opportunities and allow me to devote money towards further pursuing my independent interests."

Bagaria will attend Harvard College next year where she hopes to concentrate in government or economics while further pursuing her studies in history and Spanish. During her time at Lawrenceville, Bagaria has shown commitment to activities both inside and outside the classroom, exhibiting academic and athletic caliber as well as investing many hours in community service and extracurricular activities.

Bagaria is the founder and president of Prevention by Attention, an international non-profit organization with a goal of preventing child trafficking and sexual abuse through interactive health lessons and resources. She is a prefect in Girls Lower and former News Editor of The Lawrence's 139th Editorial Board. Bagaria serves as co-president of Model United Nations Club; the Religious Life Council; Humanitarian Aid Society; Nachale, Lawrenceville's co-ed Indian dance team; and the Hindu Student Organization. Additionally, she is the co-captain of the Girls Varsity Golf Team, of which she has been a member for the past four years.

She is a member of the Heely and Hutchins programs for achievement in history and science, respectively. Bagaria was also a winner of last year's all-school Woodrow Wilson Speaking Competition and the recipient of the Stephens House's Joukowsky Prize for character.

Reflecting on her experience at Lawrenceville, Bagaria said, "Overall, what I've enjoyed the the people and community I've found here…Lawrenceville has been an extraordinarily transformative experience for me."


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