School Has Donated Over $1.5 Million to LTEF

This month, Head Master Steve Murray H’55 ’65 ’16 P’16 ’21 presented $75,000 to the Lawrence Township Education Foundation (LTEF), a $10,000 increase in its prior annual contribution of $65,000.

This month, Head Master Steve Murray H’55 ’65 ’16 P’16 ’21 presented $75,000 to the Lawrence Township Education Foundation (LTEF), a $10,000 increase in its prior annual contribution of $65,000. As one of the major community partners of LTEF, Lawrenceville has donated annually to LTEF since 1995, bringing its total donation amount to over $1.5 million.

For over 27 years, LTEF has been working towards “fostering excellence, creativity, and achievement” for students in Lawrence Township Public Schools, according to the LTEF website. Altogether, the foundation has contributed over $3.8 million to the Lawrence Township by funding over 850 grants. Using money fundraised from community members, corporations, and local businesses, LTEF currently provides approximately $200,000 annually to fund over 60 programs in all seven of the Lawrence Township Public Schools. These programs aim to create a substantial and lasting impact on students in the public school system by exposing them to innovative ways of learning.

According to LTEF Executive Director Karen Faiman, the overarching goal of the Foundation is to “promote excellence and innovation in Lawrence [Township] Public Schools, which is accomplished through fundraising events, corporate partnerships, and from partnership with the Lawrenceville School.”

Through LTEF programs, Faiman hopes to enhance the education of each student by helping schools bring in new technologies which may fall outside the district budget. Often, if LTEF can demonstrate the success of a program, the district will incorporate the program into its budget, thus creating opportunities for more programs to receive funding. For instance, after conducting several LTEF trial programs, the Lawrence Township now provides each classroom with its own SMART board and middle and high school students with their own Chromebooks.

Despite being a Board member for only three years, Faiman feels that LTEF and Lawrenceville have continued to develop their close relationship over the years. “[Lawrenceville] has always been there whenever I reach out to ask for something, and [it is] a very responsive and a very good partner to us. Over time, we’ve opened more channels of communication to see how we can work together more. This year, our hope is to make it even more obvious that we are partnered together and working towards a common goal,” she said.

As an ex-officio member of the LTEF board, Murray acts as one of the voting members on the LTEF board and gives his input on funding decisions. A strong supporter of the LTEF’s mission and the programs it funds, Murray greatly values the importance of enhancing education. “[Supporting LTEF] goes back to the early years of the town and why we really value education. [Education] is why we exist, so supporting the town also means supporting education more broadly within the town... It's all part of being a good neighbor,” he said.

Murray looks forward to continuing Lawrenceville’s relationship with LTEF in the future by expanding collaborations, specifically in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). “LTEF has done a lot of STEM and makerspace programs that we're delighted to support,” he said.


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