Prep for Prep Boarding Students Visit the School

Last Thursday, Lawrenceville II Formers served as hosts for 28 visitors from the Prep for Prep program.

Last Thursday, Lawrenceville II Formers served as hosts for 28 visitors from the Prep for Prep program. All of the visitors are currently eighth graders from the various boroughs of New York and currently enrolled in the Prep 9 boarding school program. This component of Prep for Prep prepares students who are looking to apply to independent boarding schools for high school. According to its website, “Prep for Prep is a leadership development and gifted education program founded in 1978 by Gary Simons, a public-school teacher in the Bronx.”

Visitors attended all of their hosts’ classes, also listening to Andrew Forsthoefel’s speech during school meeting. The students spent this past summer at Lawrenceville, taking rigorous English classes and Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) preparation classes to gear up for the upcoming admissions cycle.

Assistant Dean of Admission and Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs for Campus Life Felicia Aikens said that annually hosting visitors from the Prep for Prep program, specifically the Prep 9 boarding students, is important to Lawrenceville because “it’s the partnership the School has really valued since this organization has been in existence. Historically, we’ve had students every year from this program come to Lawrenceville, and they have been really successful community members.”

Maddie Rygh ’23 and Sally Lee ’23 co-hosted a Prep 9 student. Given that they are both II Formers, Rygh acknowledged that, “Even though we are both fairly new to Lawrenceville, we live here, so I think that has helped us to get to know the campus so much already… It was really fun hosting her. ”

Lee added that she enjoyed being a host because she could share her “unique perspective and thoughts as a [II Former].” “It was nice to invite them into our community and show them how it is really like here in Lawrenceville,” Lee said.

Rygh and Lee also noted that the highlight of their day was a Harkness discussion in their Humanities English class. On the visitors’ participation in the Harkness discussion, Lee said that they “were naturally invited in. It was nice to listen to their perspective on the class.” She added that their Harkness discussion was representative of Lawrenceville’s culture, where “everyone can be themselves and truly show who they are [and] express themselves in many different ways.”

Heaven Hicks ’23, who also hosted a student, stressed the importance of the other ‘H’ of Lawrenceville: House. Hicks said, “Even though I am a [II Former], I still think that being in a House is what makes being at Lawrenceville easier because you have friends to share your burdens with. I wanted to make sure [the student] knew that she wouldn’t be pushed into Lawrenceville without a support system.”

The students will visit about five independent schools, and typically about 10 to 15 students will apply to Lawrenceville. This upcoming January, Aikens will return to New York to conduct interviews with those students who visited this past Thursday and decided to apply to Lawrenceville.


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