Sibling Chefs Face-Off on Big Red Chopped!

The Lawrenceville Jr. Sibling Chopped competition occurred this past Tuesday from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM on Zoom with five teams. 

The Lawrenceville Jr. Sibling Chopped competition occurred this past Tuesday from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM on Zoom with five teams. Tommy Rule ’20 and John Burke ’20 moderated the event and introduced the participants: Brian Tan ’21, who represented single children under the team name “Teaspoon of Tan;” Abby Sieler ’21 and Olivia Sieler ’20 of the team “Siel the Deal,”; the Owusu Sisters Stephanie Owusu ’20 and Annabelle Owusu ’22; Evelyn Dugan ’21 and Victoria Dugan ’20 of team “Dugang;” and Kyle Baek ’22 and Kenny Baek ’22 in team“Plug and Pigeon.”

Burke then introduced the judges: Deb Miliaresis from the Bathhouse, Spanish Master Alison Stewart y Fonseca P’12, and Performing Arts Master Derrick Wilder. Each of the participating teams received a box containing the mystery ingredients they had to use in their meal. The box contained pancake mix, gummy worms, peanut butter, rainbow Goldfish, and beef jerky. Contestants had two minutes to open up the boxes and plan their meals. 

The participants had 30 minutes to make any dish they wanted while incorporating all of the ingredients from the box. The Sielers made some pancake and cheese cracker muffins, Sour Patch Kids candied bananas, and candied ham with peanut butter frosting. 

“I was pretty nervous. We literally had no clue what we were going to do at all…But Olivia [Sieler] watches so many cooking shows that she knew the drill,” Abby Sieler said. Olivia Sieler mentioned that when she watches cooking shows, she “likes to think of what [she] would do with those ingredients,” so she was “really excited to brainstorm and think on [her] feet and just come up with something creative.”

The Baeks cooked a dish named “Child’s Play,” which was a peanut butter and gummy worm pancake with peanut butter coated carrots. 

The Owusus made air fried chicken covered in Goldfish and peanut butter waffles and topped with syrup, whipped cream, and powdered sugar. 

Previous Chopped Jr. champion Evelyn Dugan made stir fry pasta. When describing her dish, Evelyn Dugan said, “It has the perfect sour and sweet sauce that came from the gummy worms to caramelize the teriyaki sauce, a perfect little crunch on the chicken from the goldfish and pancake batter, and perfect smokiness from the beef jerky with a perfect peanut butter drizzle on top.” The Dugans named their dish “Twirling Teriyaki” because it would “make your tastebuds twirl.”

Tan, the only soloist of the night, created a dish named “Alien Invasion,” which was a play on chicken and waffles that was made using beef jerky and pancakes with Goldfish as garnish. 

After the 30 minutes were up, the teams presented their plates to the judges, who rated the dishes based on five categories: aesthetics, creative use of ingredients, plate presentation, sibling relationship, and the name of the dish. After a taste test by the participants’ family members, the judges discussed their opinions in a separate breakout room and decided on the winner, the Owusu team. 

“Our game plan was to make a cohesive dish, something that hadn’t been done before,” Stephanie Owusu said. Annabelle Owusu added, “We knew we wanted to use the air fryer because it is quick and efficient, and I think our game plan really helped us in the end.”

The hosts also acknowledged some crowd favorites. The Owusu sisters were the crowd favorite for the most creative dish and the dish that the crowd wanted to eat the most. In second place for the latter category was the Dugan sisters. Finally, the Sieler sisters were voted for best sibling dynamics, with the Baek brothers coming in second place in the category.

Lara Hensler ’22, who watched the competition, said, “I like how [School] members got to vote for the ingredients used through a previously sent out form. It was a very fun activity and it was fun to watch.”


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