Item on the To Do List

On March 23, 2020

On March 23, 2020

I received a notification

it was from the Sentinel app

telling me that I forgot to check in

my chest tightens

I wish I had

but I didn't because I wasn't on campus.

I stared at the notification

thinking about what I should be doing

my arms would be full of clothes

that I'd be putting away in my dresser

music would be bouncing off the walls

from my roommate's JBL speaker

and a duty master would be knocking

on my door to do second check-in.

I would be in room 212 in McPherson

in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

but I wasn’t—I was on 26th St

in Cicero, Illinois.

I didn't click on the notification

I didn't open the message

and I haven't.

The message from Sentinel remains

unopened and unread

I wouldn't open the message

until I’m back on campus when I can "check in"

I'll respond and tell Lawrenceville that I’m back.

I'll being sending a message

to a machine but something will know

that I made it back to Lawrenceville.

until then I'll keep a single notification on my messages

reminding me that I still have something to do—

go home.


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