Full Circle

To the Class of 2020

To the Class of 2020

We entered the circle

Surrounded by the Bowl bricks

Surrounded by new beginnings

Surrounded by a new community

We grew in the circle

Planting roots

Planting seed of knowledge

Planted at the Harkness table

We captured joy in the circle

Enveloped by reverberating house cheers

Enveloped by vibrant dining hall conversations

Enveloped by the camaraderie of team huddles

We leave our circle

Each taking a new path

Each carrying the ever engrained lessons

Each leaving an unspoken and powerful legacy

But regardless

We came full circle

Encapsulated by the memories

To walk a path that is lined

With virtue that will forever grow green

We leave our circle

Spread apart by seas

To see a world plagued

By uncertainty

But regardless

We came full circle

A sphere of influence

A network of Lawrentians

A powerful, full



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