Spring Sports Captains Offer Their Final Words

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Lawrenceville athletes did not have the opportunity to display their talent and competitive spirit in the spring 2020 season.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Lawrenceville athletes did not have the opportunity to display their talent and competitive spirit in the spring 2020 season. This was particularly disappointing for V Form athletes, who were looking forward to their final outings for Big Red. In order to focus on the positive athletic communities we have built, and not on what we lost this past season, the spring teams’ captains reflect on what they’ve learned from and enjoyed during their time with their teams.

Boys Varisty Lacrosse

Captain: Will Deskey ’20

After reflecting on the four years I’ve spent in the Lawrenceville Boys Lacrosse program, I’ve realized that the lacrosse team is special because of its sense of fraternity. The team’s camaraderie is unique and fuels our on-field success. Although I have many fond memories of playing on the Fisher Turf Field in front of my classmates on Saturday afternoons, my favorite moments were the playing on Sunday mornings during captain’s practices and being in the locker room before games. The fact that all of us are friends off the field makes playing the game we love that much more fulfilling. My teammates will be my friends for life. I’ll look forward to staying in touch with them, throughout college and beyond.

Girls Varsity Lacrosse

Captains: Grace Faircloth ’20, Natalie Schur ’20, and Olivia Koch ’20

We have all made some of our best memories at Lawrenceville throughout our time spent as a part of the Big Red Lacrosse (BRLAX) program. Whether it was the constant team camaraderie on and off the field, the chase for Triple Crown titles, the unbreakable Splash alliance, or the countless funny moments in the locker room and on the bus, we always felt the spirit of BRLAX and have grown so much together over these past four years. We are so grateful for each moment spent with the team and will cherish this time forever!

Boys Varsity Baseball

Captains: Chris Conyers ’20 and Jake Simpson ’20

This spring was supposed to be a great season for Lawrenceville baseball, and it was beyond disappointing for everyone on the team when we realized we were not going to have the opportunity to play together. I think the bond we shared as a team and the fun we had everyday together was what made losing the season so upsetting. Looking back on the last four years, one of the most memorable times for the team was last year during the month of May, because we came together as a team and different guys started playing really well. May became “Our Month,” and we all seemed to play harder for each other during the last stretch of the season. We ended our season by beating Blair by 10 runs in just four innings in the Mid-Atlantic Prep League (MAPL) playoffs, which was one of the most memorable games for current V formers, including us captains.

Girls Varsity Softball

Captains: Emily Matcham ’20, Ciara Hoover ’20, and Maddie Zeleznik ’20

We will miss you.

We would do anything to have one more practice with you guys, but we’re excited to see what you do next.

We’ll always remember the music, late nights spent on buses back to campus, and snuggle puddles on Big Joe. These memories last forever in our hearts and they live on through you all. We have no doubt that you all will come back next year stronger than we’ve ever been, and even as the team changes, the love will always stay the same. Continue with the locker room dance parties, the Chipotle dinners, the game day Dunkin Donuts runs, the eye black psyches. Continue being the amazing team we know and love.

Although we can’t be on the field with you again, we will all forever be a part of the Big Red Varsity Softball (BRVSB) family. Never let that bond die.

Boys Varsity Crew

Captains: Sal Natale ’20 and Andrew Tokarski ’20

No team on campus has a better culture than the Lawrenceville Crew. Each member consistently puts in hours of taxing training which has not only shaped his fitness but also his character. Every man in the Lawrenceville Crew is resilient, responsible, and respected. We overcome obstacles together. We push one another to be better. We have each other’s backs.

Despite all the hard work, we still know how to have fun too. Some of the best memories come from bus games like Sha-booyah Roll Call, True Love, Touch The Roof, and Send One Back.

Even though we won’t be a part of the team next year, the lessons we’ve learned and the memories we’ve made with the Lawrenceville Crew will always stick with us. Best of luck next year!

Girls Varsity Crew

Captains: Samika Hariharan ’20 and Audrey Craighead ’20

The Girls Varsity Lawrenceville Crew is a daily escape from campus with all of our best friends. Every afternoon, we drive 15 minutes to the lake and back together: singing, dancing, and spilling tea. Our team “traditions” of chilly boathouse naps, hour-long Irwin dinners, and afternoons out on the water outdo any other program. Some of our most memorable moments come from our annual spring break trip where we set the rhythm for that season and bond with our whole team. In addition to all the fun, crew is the epitome of mind and body connection. Not only is the physical work extremely demanding, but incredible mental strength is crucial for success. In order to have a boat reach its full potential, each individual has to fully commit to completely working in usion with her boat mates. Girls Crew thereby creates a deep set commitment and trust between every girl on the team. Everyone works hard because of everyone’s love and respect for their teammates—something much bigger than ourselves.

Girls Varsity Track and Field

Captains: Ashley Warren ’20, Carolyn King ’20, and Amy Aririguzoh ’20

We did not get the outdoor season we had hoped for, but our love for this team will remain strong. Reminiscing about sunny practices on the track together has been a welcome escape during this stressful time. Despite not having meets or a glorious Nomad’s Pizza Truck banquet to look forward to, many outdoor track athletes have continued training and have kept in touch through group chats, zoom calls, and the new Lawrenceville Track & Field Instagram (give us a follow- @lvilletrackandfield!). This dedication speaks to the passion the outdoor track team has for what we do. Working out, especially alone, requires discipline and motivation, two things this team is full of. Our captains, and all 12 seniors on the team, will miss being a part of Big Red Track and Field next year. Thank you for so many amazing memories that we will never forget!

Boys Varsity Track and Field

Captains: Jakob Kunzer ’20, Jack Wragan ’20, and Alex Pesendorfer ’20

Missing the outdoor season for us was very hard to process. We performed very well in the indoor track season, winning the MAPL championships and coming 2nd in the Prep A Championships, so we had high hopes and expected to win both of those championships in outdoor. We were also looking forward to going for the three-peat in the 4x400 meters in the Penn Relays, but it was not meant to be. We will have a lot of talent missing with the departure of this year’s V Formers and they will definitely be missed.

Boys Varsity Golf

Captains: Jason Wang ’20 and Gannon Carroll ’20

The most memorable moments throughout golf season were always the away matches. From the team bus rides to the great courses that we were fortunate to play on, away matches brought the team together for good competition and bonding. The match play tournament at the end of the season was also one of the best parts of being on the Boys Golf team.

Girls Varsity Golf

Captains: Anika Bagaria ’20 and Jasmine Zhang ’20

Being a member and leader of the Girls Varsity Golf team was one of the most memorable and rewarding aspects of my time at Lawrenceville. Starting with the moment I joined the varsity team my II Form year, the older girls quickly embraced me into the team, as we danced across the course or sang our lungs out during van rides. Though our seasons certainly had ups and downs, what remained constant for years was our love and support for each other, from Myrtle Beach preseason trips to team dinners at Houlihan’s. I am incredibly grateful to have met such inspiring, talented, fun-loving, and hardworking young women on the team throughout my four years here.


When I think of Lawrenceville’s Girls Varsity Golf team, I think of a group of girls with strong bonds that came in ways I never thought would have happened. We always start off our season with a trip to Myrtle Beach where we spend nights talking about everything and anything, while during the day we pushed ourselves towards a better golf game. I’ll forever miss those afternoon practices with my girls.



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