Lawrentians spent the last week of Spring 2020 reflecting upon their experiences during such a tumultuous time. Here is a selection of works from The Lawrenceville Community Project: Bearing Witness to 2020.


Lauren Kim '22

I'm not black, so I'll never understand

How to live day by day --

Loving. Fearing. Trusting. Running.

Only to die at the law's pale hand.

But I'm sixteen and I know

What it's like to be lied to.

Stars fall from the sky, I call out the name.

No ocean or rain can drown out the fire,

A city in pieces. Engulfed in our flame,

Falling into eternity, now who's a liar?

Arriving at the world's end,

Our waves soon leave the sand.

The green light flashes back to red.

And I'll never understand.


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