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Following a virtual Spring Term apart, social life at Lawrenceville has become especially important in helping students connect with one another and come together as a community.

Following a virtual Spring Term apart, social life at Lawrenceville has become especially important in helping students connect with one another and come together as a community. Student Council Vice President of Social Life Caroline Foster ’21 has planned and organized student events and activities with the assistance of different Lawrenceville clubs and groups despite the challenges of social distancing.

Covid-19 has brought with it drastic changes in all aspects of Lawrenceville life, especially the social experience. Explaining the process of integrating health and safety protocols into social events, Foster said, “Before we plan any event, we have to consider how many people can go, a virtual option, and what spaces we can utilize.” She also emphasized the importance of “sticking right with the Best For All agreement and abiding by safety rules.”

One popular virtual event in the Spring Term was the Big Red Shuffle, during which students were randomly placed in breakout rooms to chat and get to know each other. Because of its popularity last year, Form-wide virtual shuffles are being hosted for students in the coming weeks. Activities like these have helped students bond as a community and connect with each other even while physically apart, and Foster hopes they can help students adjust when coming back to campus as well. Seeing as everything is still in a “test area,” Foster is still gauging the students’ interests on various future events.

Pandemic or not, however, the core theme in Foster’s platform remains as it is—bringing the Lawrenceville community closer through discussion and contrasting points of view. “Having different leadership throughout this term,” she explained, “is going to be super important so we can all lean on each other.”

Foster has been working closely with the Alliance of Black Cultures (ABC), Black Women at Lawrenceville (BWAL), and with Student Council Diversity Representative Esha Akhtar ’21 to bring cultural and affinity group clubs into the conversation, allowing them to host a variety of school-wide events. Foster believes that these club-hosted events will “give someone the opportunity to share their work…[and] passion with the rest of the School.” Not only will these events widen the variety of event types on campus, they will hold “much more weight [and] purpose,” she said.

In addition to the close involvement with campus clubs, Foster has expanded the current Social Council to include a new branch called the Senior Leaders to help support campus events. Comprised of a group of students that sincerely “want to make Lawrenceville better,” Senior Leaders have the added benefit of having more experience and perspective. While the Social Council has traditionally consisted of only social representatives, mainly from the Crescent Houses, Foster intends these Senior Leaders to come from a variety of backgrounds, with differing interests, clubs, and teams. Foster believes that “It’s the different views and the different things that excite them that make the Senior Leaders a super interesting group to work with, talk with, and get different perspectives [from].”

Looking ahead, Foster hopes to make the most out of the fall, remaining optimistic that the student body can come together. Echoing the school motto, Foster said, “We’re all in. We’re definitely going to face challenges this fall, but we just have to roll with it and push through.”


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