A Day in the Life of A Lawrenceville Athlete

The cacophonic sound of my alarm wakes me up at 6:30 AM every morning. In reality, though, I snooze it and go right back to sleep.

The cacophonic sound of my alarm wakes me up at 6:30 AM every morning. In reality, though, I snooze it and go right back to sleep. Since classes start later this year, my mornings really begin around 7:15 AM despite my aspirations to get up earlier. After quickly catching up on some leftover homework, I hurry downstairs for a big breakfast in preparation of the long day ahead. I normally go for eggs, toast, and fruit, with an occasional pastry from The Gingered Peach.

Once I arrive on campus, I head straight to the field house and drop off my tennis bag in the Girls Varsity Basketball locker room, the new McClellan day student room. I can barely fit my bag of clothes in the medium-sized cubbies and my fold-up chair never seems to be in its spot recently. It’s annoying, and I wish the locker room was closer to the tennis courts, but at least I can get some extra steps in. Then, a long day of classes begins, which really just adds to my anticipation for sports. I won’t get into much detail about my classes, but I especially enjoy Honors Stats with Mr. Wilcox, the only full in-person class I have.

Once my last class finishes, I go back to Irwin for meetings. I decide not to return to the Kirby Arts Center nowadays because I never know if I’m yelling at my laptop or talking normally, always an awkward moment. With the extra minutes I have before walking over to the tennis courts, I put a new neon pink grip on my tennis racket. It’s refreshing to see a clean grip instead of a grimy, brown one, and it makes me more excited to play.

Finally, it’s time to make the trek. After placing my POM reader in my fanny pack, I hoist my tennis bag onto my shoulder and journey to the tennis courts. As I walk, I am reminded of our bizarre state in which everyone wears a fanny pack, something I never would have done before. My black pack is less exciting than the red ones, but I find it easier to match with my outfits. Having a good outfit helps me feel more comfortable on the court, allowing me to focus more on my game and less on how I look. Upon arrival, I greet Coach Cantlay and everyone else from six feet away and Coach McMenamin takes my temperature before I step on the court.

Practice usually goes something like this: team run, warm up, point play, and we always end with an intense game of Box. The captains lead the team on a run from Corrente Walk to behind the track, around the Bowl, and, if life were normal, stopping at Admissions to grab some delicious apples. Unfortunately, given the conditions, we skip the apples, and run around the Circle, and back to the courts. When we return, I am desperate for air as my damp mask suffocates me. We grab our rackets, head onto the courts, and start warming up.

Since we can’t crowd one court for a drill, we have been doing more doubles and point play. Afterwards, it is finally time to play Box: a fast-paced, exciting game and the way we’ve ended practice every day I can remember. No matter how much I warm up my overheads, I can never seem to hit those shots in during Box. One tip, you ask? Never hit the ball to Kylan when he’s on the “queen’s” side because somehow, he always returns the ball and hits a winner. Since there are four new girls on the team this year, I enjoy Box even more because of the chance to play with my new teammates. Louise plays music from her speaker to make the game even more entertaining, and “Better Not” by Louis the Child reminds me of our undefeated season last fall.

Playing Box with my teammates is truly one of the highlights of my day at Lawrenceville. For a moment, it seems like it’s the fall of 2019 or 2018 again, but as I gasp for air through my mask, I quickly remember it’s 2020.

Once practice ends, I stay and hit with my twin Sabrina Yeung ’22 for a little longer. Sabrina and I hate playing points against each other, but nowadays, I don’t have a choice, since there’s nobody else to hit with outside of practice. As it starts to get dark, I pack up my racquets, books, and all the extra things I need throughout the day and head to the fieldhouse to get picked up. It’s only 6:00 PM, surprisingly early compared to the years past.

I didn’t know I could miss studying, but I really miss working in a Bunn Library pod with my friends until 10:00 PM. After I get home and gulp down my dinner, I get started on my homework, and after several hours, I fall into bed; before I know it, it’s 6:30 AM, my alarm is going off.


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