Fall Term Check-in with StuCo President Soleil Saint-Cyr ’21

As the end of Fall Term approaches, Student Council (StuCo) President Soleil Saint-Cyr ’21 has been working hard to implement new plans for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.

As the end of Fall Term approaches, Student Council (StuCo) President Soleil Saint-Cyr ’21 has been working hard to implement new plans for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. Although her “main plan for the school year...has changed a lot since [she] was elected in the spring” due to the new virtual platform for learning, she has been collaborating with the rest of StuCo and the administration to adapt her original plans to suit the current circumstances.

Saint-Cyr has already begun to execute some of her new initiatives for this year. With the rest of StuCo, she has already successfully launched StuCo merchandise. She is currently working on implementing other projects such as StuCo check-ins and election reforms.

StuCo check-ins will be a way for members of the student body to reach out to StuCo and express concerns and ask questions to StuCo members in an open forum. During these check-ins, StuCo members would present what they have been working on to the student body and conclude with an open discussion to allow for suggestions and feedback.

“I hope these forums will give students an opportunity to easily contact StuCo in a low-pressure environment,” Saint-Cyr said. In addition to wanting to increase transparency and connection between StuCo and the student body, she also wants the check-ins to be “a measure of accountability...to make sure that StuCo is working and active.”

According to Saint-Cyr, the goal of StuCo election reform is to make StuCo elections more equitable and accessible for students of different identities through the implementation of new rules and guidelines. “In past years, the types of kids who run for [StuCo] and are chosen for [StuCo] are quite similar, and they don’t effectively represent the complete diversity of our student body,” Saint-Cyr said. Thus, the new election reform initiative will aim to get more members of the community to run for StuCo, allowing for further diversification of the StuCo Board for future years.

In addition, Saint-Cyr plans to make StuCo more accessible for new students by “providing an opportunity for all new students to get to know StuCo better before the school year begins.” To do so, she hopes to schedule times for new students to meet and interact with StuCo members throughout the year. Saint-Cyr aims to implement these aforementioned plans before the start of the next school year.

Reflecting on the work she has done during the past few months, she said, “During these past few months, I’ve also been helping a lot of other representatives work on their planning to help them carry out their plans...I’m particularly focused on making sure that the students are okay and helping them through the ups and downs that are inevitable this year.”

In the future, Saint-Cyr is particularly excited to carry out her “breather” initiative, which she describes as a mental health day once a term designed to allow students “adequate time for student reflection and relaxation.” She hopes that this breather will help students’ mental health and give them a break from the stress-filled school day. “If this fall has shown me anything, it’s that students need a break,” she said.

According to Saint-Cyr, the current pandemic has made keeping morale up in the School difficult, especially since new circumstances force us to be “constantly policed in our behavior” and be held to high standards of self-control. “I want to make sure that people aren’t losing faith and losing hope in leadership at Lawrenceville, and that they are able to experience what this place once was and what it can be,” she said.

Aside from her successes and future goals, Saint-Cyr reflected on what she believed StuCo could have done better this past term: reaching out to the III Form more often. She feels that “[III Formers] are typically overlooked at Lawrenceville,” and so they may have had a particularly hard time transitioning into life on campus during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Saint-Cyr wants people to recognize that “no one is perfect and that all of StuCo is learning together to work towards a successful year at Lawrenceville.”


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