V Form Interviews: Reflections & Advice from the Class of 2021

What will you miss most about Lville?

What will you miss most about Lville?

“This particular group of 800 people. We will never have the chance to be with these same 800 people ever again, so I will miss everyone very much.” - Grayson Miller ’21

“There is a level of comfort at Lawrenceville that I have never found anywhere else, and I will miss that a lot.” - Ije Achebe ’21

“I’m going to miss the feeling of walking outside and knowing everybody.” - Mackenzie Bunnell ’21

“InDesign sessions in Pop Basement with The Lit and trips to Starbucks.” - Kylan Tatum ’21

“Playing Smash Brothers in the Dickinson common room after sports for two hours.” - Arata Fujii ’21

Favorite Lville Memory?

“Convocation junior year when Kirby won the house cup. Everyone was losing their minds with pride and happiness.” - Frankie Weil ’21

“End of senior fall when it was finals week but most underclassmen were off-campus, and we had a Saturday, and I spent the day going to TJs. My friends and I had a dance party in the Bowl at 9 pm all just because we could.” - Zack Finnachio ’21

“A special moment was my sophomore year, my home opener hockey game when I scored my first goal.” - Ethan Chase ’21

“Walking around campus on a Saturday night with the other Girls Lower Prefects. We were on the track field, and the stars were above us. Just the simple moments.” - Katie Li ’21

Favorite House Tradition?

“The Kirby White Elephant/Yankee Swap at Christmas time. Even though I’ve only done two, they get pretty crazy, and it’s just so much fun.”- Sydney Chun ’21

“McLovin. In my junior year, I got to plan it myself, and it was super fun to take on a school event and have it be a great success.” - Kate Deskey ’21

“Carter Crepes! The best part of it was the first night, and we had 10-15 members of the House help out. It was a great way to bond with everyone.” - Jacqueline Chen ’21

The all-nighter that we pull before Winter Break in McClellan. We play Milkshake in the common room and everyone, and I mean everyone, in the house partied hard.” - Mackenzie Bunnell ’21

What would you tell your freshman-year self?

“I stayed in a lot freshman year so I would tell myself, don’t be shy, go out and socialize more!”

- Mitchell Tung ’21

“It’s going to be okay. That’s something I’m still trying to reason with, and imposter syndrome is very real at Lawrenceville, but no matter what, everything will be okay.” - Ava Conyer ’21

“Get involved in the community, and take advantage of everything Lawrenceville has to offer.” - Noelle Rustico ’21

“It’s always great to challenge yourself but know your limits, don’t do anything to prove something to others because you can only handle so much challenge.” - Ije Achebe ’21

What do you wish you got involved in campus?

“I wish I started voice lessons earlier. I think I would’ve enjoyed Mock Trial and debate a lot as well.” - Hamza Mian ’21

“I wish I had been a tour guide, and I wish I could have done Model UN, especially since I’m going to study International Relations in college.” - Frankie Weil ’21

“More affinity groups because especially these past couple of months, I have really enjoyed affinity spaces such as LTA and social justice DEI. Having these groups outside of your friends that you can go to for anything would have been really nice earlier on.” - Grayson Miller ’21

Most Important Lesson You’ve Learned?

“Don’t compare yourself to other people. Everyone learns at a different pace, and it’s important to be confident in yourself. ” - Betsy Kelly ’21

“We can all get so stressed out in the moment, but I learned to not focus on every little thing, like one bad grade on a quiz or test. I recognized that a lot things we freak out about can be insignificant in the long run.” -Grayson Miller ’21

“That it’s okay to say no to friends. There are so many times where you will be conflicted with time management, and of course short hangout sessions are valuable, but learning to balance friends and studying has been an important skill to learn for me.” - Amaan Khan ’21

All-time Favorite Irwin/Abbott Meal?

“Quesadillas.” - Betsy Kelly ’21

“Buffalo chicken wings.” - Mason Du ’21

“The Wok Bar and the chili rice bar.” - Kate Deskey ’21

“Chicken Parm” - Ethan Chase ’21

“Wok Bar is pretty iconic, but I oddly love the salmon salads. But, I have to give credit to the House/Advisory lunch Pho soup offering.” - Grayson Miller ’21

“Quesadillas quesadillas quesadillas quesadillas by far!” - Zack Finnachio ’21

Lville wouldn’t be the same without _____?

“Andrew Tokarski ’20.” - Ethan Markel ’21

“The teachers... definitely the teachers.” - Amaan Khan ’21

“Dr. Chaput.” - Mitchell Tung ’21

“The campus… it really brings life into Lawrenceville.” - Mason Du ’21

“Kirby, of course, I wouldn’t want it any other way.” - Sydney Chun ’21

“Mrs. Kosoff.” - Kate Deskey ’21

“Houston Kilby.” - Hannah Welsh ’21

“Deb at the Bath House.” - Noelle Rustico ’21


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