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Soleil Saint-Cyr ’21 Sheds Light on Journey to The New York Times

Student Council President Soleil Saint-Cyr ’21 has always had an affinity for thinking outside the box. In eighth grade, her love of sudoku quickly blossomed into a passion for crosswords, as she began solving The New York Times’ free puzzles. Once her seven-day free trial of their full puzzles expired, Saint-Cyr begged her parents for a full-time subscription to access The New York Times’ crossword—known as the puzzle to solve in the crossword community.

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Religious Life Profiles: Reverend Morrow H ’12

Throughout her 17 years at Lawrenceville, School Chaplain Sue Anne Steffey Morrow H’12 , commonly known as “Rev,” has changed the way students interact with religious life on campus by facilitating various religious life opportunities, from Jummah Prayer every Friday afternoon to Sikh Trivia; many religions within the student body are represented because she works with religious life leaders in order to achieve this ideal.

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Floyd ’20 on Diversifying School Speakers at Lawrenceville

From Cellist Okorie “OKCello” Johnson to National Geographic Young Explorer Alizé Carrère, the Lawrenceville community hears from speakers with diverse backgrounds and experiences, both during and outside of school meeting. But as audience members listen to and watch these presentations, not many understand the process that students and faculty go through when deciding which speakers to invite.

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Hey <i>Lawrence</i>, Welcome to My Crib

Halle Rose’s ’20 room in Stanley House stands out from the rest. Rose has always designed her room using a color scheme. Her II Form and III Form year she centered her room around the color blue, and this year, Rose decided to base her room design around pink. Rose chose this color because it was a “lively color” and would provide a conducive environment for work.

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Exploring the Lawrenceville Underground

Although the basement of Woods Memorial Hall may be considered frightening and austere by students, it is more inviting and important to our school than we think. In the early days of our school history, it held many purposes, many of which would seem unusual to students today; it has been used by a rifle club for meetings, a progressive student-led rock band, a dark room to process images for a photography club, and a community service program.

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Faculty Family Profile: Keeping Up with the Chaputs

The Chaputs are one of the most quintessentially Lawrenceville faculty families on campus—History Master and Assistant House Master of Griswold House Erik Chaput and English Master Katie Chaput are often spotted with their two boys, Caleb and Liam, in tow. Having joined the Lawrenceville community together in 2013, the Chaputs continue to maintain a large and significant presence around campus.

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